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Are you looking to sell your house fast for cash in Florida? If so, we’re the perfect company for you! We are known as a reputable house buying company that buys houses in Florida and pays cash instantly. Simply put, we’re your go-to local cash home buyers in Florida, ready to make you a great offer today! So if you plan on selling your property fast for cash, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

There are no fixes, commissions, or closing costs. Above all else, we guarantee to treat you honestly and kindheartedly throughout our process.

You’ve probably seen the “For Sale by Owner” signs in your neighborhood and thought to yourself, “I may save a lot of money if I sell my house myself.” And you’re right – if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can definitely save on real estate commissions and fees. But if you need to sell your house fast, then selling it yourself is probably not the best option. Here we come into the play! At JDM Capital, we understand that not everyone wants to go through the hassle and expense of selling their home with a realtor.

That's why we offer a simple and straightforward solution

We’ll make you a cash offer for your home, as-is, with no obligation. Plus, our offers are always 100% free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

So if you need to sell your Florida house fast, don't delay – request an offer from us today! You won't be disappointed.

We Take Pride in Buying All Kinds of Properties

If you’re delaying the process of selling your home fast just because of its condition, think again! Whatever type of property it is or the condition of your home, we are ready to make you an offer for it. Yes – you heard that right – we’re willing to purchase it. 

Our services don’t just aim to help people that want to sell their up-to-date homes or property fast. But instead, we aim to become your instant home buyers Tampa option in every situation. So have you been asking yourself, ‘who should I consider to sell my house Tampa?’. Well, we have you covered in such situations, ensuring that you never have to worry about the following concerns:

  • Stuck with selling a damaged home
  • Planning to sell an inherited property
  • Dealing with problematic tenants
  • Planning to avoid foreclosure
  • Moving to an assisted living facility
  • Getting rid of the vacant home
  • Relocating or downsizing your living space

In all these situations and any other not mentioned above – we at JDM Capital tend to ensure you aren’t alone. And it’s not just always about selling fast, but also about selling without a hassle. But with so many problems and stressful scenarios crashing on your door when you end up going through the hassle of hiring an agent, the only solution that can save you is a buyer that excludes all the hassle for you. And when you’re living in Florida, even the joy of not having to pay a hefty amount of the property selling agents and still being able to sell house fast Tampa is a real blessing.

Why are we talking about all that? It's because we're here to become that savior to whom you can sell your home just according to your needs!


Let Us Buy Your Property and Meet All Your Instant Selling Needs and Requirements!

When we say that we buy houses Tampa, we don’t just play the role of potential and reliable buyers, but we also fulfill the responsibility of trustworthy service providers. Yes, you heard it right! We have you covered with our all-in-one services – making things QUICK&EASY for you! These quick and easy services include:

Handling Your Instant Cash Needs

If you're in a rush to have some cash in your hands and can't wait to close the deal for selling your house, we have you covered. At JDM Capital, we will pay you instant cash in advance, even before we close the deal! So you don't have to wait until the selling and transfer process of your home is completed. Just get the cash for your FL house quickly and easily while we handle the overall process for you.

A Professionally Reliable and Specialized Team

Our team is not just friendly but has also worked in this business since 2011. So with our years-long experience of handling and satisfying tons of clients, we buy houses Tampa FL. What makes our team more reliable and fun to work with is everyone's passion for not just buying and selling property fast but also for helping each of our customers to the fullest – so we're all in this together – helping you get through the overall process.

What's more?

We have experience in buying all kinds of homes, especially inherited ones. Hence, we have significant experience in working with a probate attorney – making sure that we assist you even in terms of buying inherited homes while limiting your additional costs. So the money you get by selling your house should be used for your own good!


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Happy Customer

We’ll Give Our 100% to Make Sure You Are Happy, Satisfied, and At Ease – All Throughout the Process of Selling Your Property and Moving To Your New Home!

Buying Properties In The Current Condition

Yes – that’s right! You don’t have to make any renovations, improvements, or decorations in your home to make us want to buy it. Instead of being pleased, WE ARE HERE TO PLEASE YOU! So it’s time you say goodbye to all kinds of struggles and hassles you had in mind to sell your home at good rates as we buy houses Tampa, Florida, as-is. Does that sound like a relaxing home selling solution you have always wanted?

Well, we’re not just saying it; we actually mean it. Whether your house is full of mold, Chinese drywall, or junk in every nook and corner, there’s nothing you need to clean or renovate! At JDM Capital, we are always willing to make an instant deal with you for your property. In return, you get to maintain peace of mind throughout the process of selling your property in FL.

But Wait! Our services don’t just end here. How can they, when your goal of living in a new and peaceful home isn’t achieved? JDM Capital isn’t just some home buyer Tampa service providers but also a team of professionals that want you to be settled in your new and convenient home. Besides, what will you get after selling your home if you don’t have a new place to call home? Therefore, if you don’t have a home finalized, we will help you find one you can move to, that also before we close our deal. Once you have a new place to stay and are satisfied with the sale and move, we will then proceed and accompany you till the very end – making sure that you leave your old space on the day you can move to your new HOME with ease!

Why do we buy houses as-is?

It's the joy of being at your service and getting rid of all your stresses with the instant home buying option.

In addition, we love transforming messed up and dirty places into something new and exciting that can bring joy and convenience to the new buyers.

We Have Your Back Till The Very End!

Want to learn more? Contact us today! We’re always available to answer all your queries and offer you our instant services as home buyers Tampa!